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About me

The New York native designer spent the better part of his early years growing up in Spain. From a young age, Sylvestre was very interested in the creative world, partaking in fine art and illustration as a pastime.


The master couturiers and designers of the past are a great source of inspiration for Sylvestre. His skill-set includes sewing, cutting, draping and pattern-making. "I always like to add haute couture techniques to my garments whenever possible" he says. These techniques are in danger of disappearing as fast fashion production takes over the industry.

"There are few things as pleasurable as draping fabric and turning that into a beautiful garment." A seasoned traveler, Sylvestre Cetina is a well-rounded designer. Experiencing countries and their cultures from around the world is a top priority and a major source for creativity. He takes pride as a tastemaker, having worked on decorating interior spaces, processing images as a graphic designer, and as a couturier in the fashion realm. When asked  about his design philosophy: "Aesthetics are very important in all aspects of life. It is something you have to approach with a level of obsession in order to achieve great results. My angle is definitely romantic, darker and modern, but I like to keep my garments looking elegant and well-tailored."

While he designs for men and women, Sylvestre takes extra pleasure in making womenswear as there is an added level of playfulness to it. "Avant-garde looks are so fun! It's what keeps fashion moving forward. It's the spirit of fashion, really. Regular clothing does the job on a daily basis, but it is those inspirational pieces that make an impact on your state of mind." Corsetry and gowns are high on his list of favorites.

In addition to garments, Sylvestre Cetina Atelier makes handbags and leather accessories. He worked with an accessories manufacturer in Los Angeles, assisting in the design and construction of handbags.

He has also been a Production Assistant in the wardrobe department for major motion picture films Honey Boy and Star Girl.

Sylvestre Cetina won Best Runway, the top prize at the Santa Monica College La Mode Fashion Show, 2018. Press link above.